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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  July 15, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> hello and welcome to "live from paris." let's take a look at what is making headlines this hour. hamas rejects egypt's proposed cease-fire to end. asliam hague will set down part of a military reshuffle. the main airport in tripoli is attacks. new rocket forces.m international
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welcome back. an in egyptian proposal for a cease-fire has been except the body israeli cabinet. some 185 palestinians have been killed. , they the militant group are rejecting the proposal which it describes as a surrender. israel is threatening to broaden its campaign. three rockets have been fired gaza.aza -- fired from let's take a listen as to what benjamin netanyahu had to say. >> we agree to the egyptian
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proposal to give a chance for the demilitarization of the gaza strip. through diplomatic means. hamas to not accept the cease-fire proposal, israel would have legitimacy to broaden the operation to achieve the required quiet. story, let'sn the cross over to jerusalem. there are strong words from netanyahu. what is happening to the cease-fire? >> the cease-fire was a suggestion from cairo. israel said yes and it seemed that hamas has not said yes. since 9:00, we have had a deadline and some 35 rockets including over central israel.
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that this isnse the hamas military wing response. we have yet to hear from the political wing. they may have a different conclusion. the feeling in israel is quite tense. isthe feeling over -- there a division in the israeli government. >> that is right. hamas is suspicious of cairo since the fallout between the current leadership and the muslim brotherhood. it is almost the little brother of the muslim brotherhood. they are very suspicious of cairo. they are going to be slow to accept something from cairo. in israel, the hardliners were
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opposed to the slow start to the campaign. these are hardliners within the cabinet. there are press conferences this afternoon from party members within the coalition government to criticize the government for signing -- for agreeing to this cease-fire. we can see divisions on both sides. is inve to say the ball the court of hamas. >> thank you. militants have fired more than 900 rockets into the territory. israel has launched airstrikes that have killed more than 185 palestinian's. our correspondent has been out in the gaza strip with the ambulance teams that have been working around the clock. >> ambulance workers drive at
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frightening speeds when it comes to saving someone's life. every second counts. what happened? >> there was an airstrike. >> take a trip into the unknown. do not know where they will be heading to what they will find. local say that a missile hit an apartment in the building. residents are panicked and furious. missile, the people here, no missiles here. children. --annot -- cannot
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>> no one seems to have been wounded, but the crowd is in a state of shock. no one is down, right? >>n no one. >> we leave but another explosion rings out in the distance and a call comes through the radio. every time they had out, the challenge is to precisely locate the site of the strike. where did they hit? was it a drone? >> locals point to a crater in the distance, not knowing if the israeli air force will strike a second time. they proceed carefully. there were no casualties. these ambulance workers fear this could be a punt though 0--
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beforeof relative calm the storm. >> to other news. jean-claude juncker is expected to become the next president of the eu commission. it is promising to be a rather tense session. opposition,d strong including from david cameron. i spoke earlier -- >> let's remember that dramatic eu summit. i was in brussels covering it. you had david cameron trying to block the nomination of junkcer. a vast majority of heads of state decided to nominate the former prime minister of
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luxembourg, former chair jean-claude juncker,. we are seeing the second chapter of this long story. the members of the european parliament will either confirm jean-claude juncker at the next president of the european commission or reject him. look at the figures. jean-claude juncker needs the backings of half the number of seats plus one, a simple majority. in theory, jean-claude juncker can rely on the support of the largest groups in the european socialist, and the and democrats. there are some rebels within these groups. that includes the british labor. they do not seem to like jean-claude juncker. he will rely on the support of
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other groups. the liberals, the fourth largest group in the parliament. i think he should get a majority. i think he will get the majority, but voting is by secret ballot. one last thing. when he addressed the assembly, jean-claude juncker call for an investment plan for europe, a sign he is trying to woo the centerleft. >> what would be his toughest challenge? >> the heads in state will meet in brussels to discuss further appointments. that includes a replacement for the top diplomatic chief, and replacement for the president of the european council. confirmed,oncerned --
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he will have to put together a modern commission and all eyes will be on the candidates because it will be difficult for jean-claude juncker to find female candidates. so far 11 names have been put forward. only one candidate is a woman. equality, itender will be a tough challenge for jean-claude juncker. >> william hague is to stand cameroner david announced a reshuffle. 12 people are leaving their posts as a result of the shuffle. and massacre of the moderates. we have more. >> he has been a key face for a generation. on monday night william hague
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shocked supporters announcing he had left his post. >> tonight i am standing down after four years. >> after more than two and half decades, he is set to leave parliament entirely after next years general election. david cameron took to twitter to pay tribute. malexit is part of a wider pale and stale cabinet. party storms to election in may. the have to settle for liberal democrats can manage one it elected mep. the labour party has called it a massacre of the moderates.
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another face has also stepped down after more than 20 years. david cameron is expected to .romote more women from more i'm joined by dr. robert ford from manchester. what prompted this massive reshuffle? >> it is worth noting that david cameron's government has been stable. there have been few reshuffles over the past four years. the conservatives are not winning enough support to secure a majority. the prime minister is setting out his stool to the election ampaign, looking to bring in
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lot of fresh faces and to signal what kind of government he were to lead were he to win next year. it's certainly true that some of the people who have been stepping down have been at the moderate's end. i do not think it has been a consistent massacre of the moderates. i think that is in part with people within the pm's office looking to send a message to the right wing of the party, which has been somewhat discontented that they're giving the right wingers a bigger role. there have been some moderates appointed as well. >> international audience is focusing on the departure of william hague. why is it that he has been pushed out? >> it is impossible to know
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exactly why. hague seems to have been dropping hints. he has had enough of frontline politics. he is stepping aside from parliament next year as well. only him and the prime minister will know why he has chosen to leave. a difference of opinion between him and his successor can be exaggerated. they are eurosceptics. >> we have to leave it there. thank you so much. international airport has been hit by a rocket attack. 12 planes were damaged in the blast. the government is considering to raise security. >> the main international airport in libya once again the
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target of shelling monday to tuesday. the damage is now extensive. 90% of the planes on the tarmac destroyed. there has been shooting with heavy weaponry since 6:00 saturday morning. private cars and airplanes have been hit. planes from different airlines. the customs hall has been run down completely. >> militia men have battled for control over the airport. they have tried to push out those in the town who have control the strategic fight since 2011. the united nations has even pulled out its staff, unable to control these powerful militias.
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libby has appealed to the international community for help. >> to establish the nations capabilities. >> in benghazi, fresh violence has also broken out. none of the national dialogue initiatives -- not even those by libya's neighbors in a two-day summit on sunday and monday. >> the world cup team arrived home from brazil for a victory brazil in germany at the landmark brandenburg gates. these are live images of team members speaking to the fans. againstred 1-0 argentina. a reminder of what is making news this hour. israel threatens to broaden its
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campaign in gaza. down in ague to step reshuffle. libya's main airport in tripoli is hit i a rocket attack. they are considering seeking help to reestablish security. welcome back. time to take a look at what is making headlines around the world. and cross border violence between israel and hamas. ticle thatan arcti talks about how social media has become a weapon of war. both sides are trying to sway public opinion.
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the israeli army has about 286,000 followers and is back by a team of citizens, civilians who contributed to the efforts by defending israel's right to defend itself online. then you have pro-palestinians, who are also active online. hamas set up their own handle on twitter. both sides are trying to win this propaganda war online. >> there is a fear degree of buzz, the bomb shelter selfie. >> if we take a look at the article, you can see a photo of a bomb shelter selfie. this was started online. a group encourages taking
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shelter and to snap these lighthearted features. the group encourages civilians to show they are still smiling, that they are courageous. citizens in gaza do not have the same luxury. and theg back to france focus is on president françois hollande. a ritual of bastille day but he gives a media interview. >> that is the main story in the french press today. is a christian paper. to talk about how françois hollande is very consistent. he didn't make any surprise announcements in this address. he is reaffirming the social democratic term that he is taken since january and to repeat that everything is going to be ok. françois hollande consistent here but criticism is also very
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consistent. let's take a look at the commonest paper. very critical of the direction -- let's take a look at the communist paper. his interview yesterday, there was nothing revolution about it. bastille day is the celebration of the republic. it says essentially what he said is, i am failing but i'm going to keep going down this path. there was nothing revolutionary or even illusionary about the speech. >> he gets criticized by the left and he gets a rubbing from the right. >> they are having a field day. you can see here. .e sees the future in pink a reference to a famous french
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song. socialism. color of basically delusional about the future in the editorial. he says that those who claim that france is sick are exaggerating. they say that françois hollande doctor.range o he says it is just a question of perspective. some miracle will be happening. -self fulfilling proposition - prophecy. saying that things are going to get that are doesn't mean they will. in thetill have a lot social media world and the newspaper world about the aftermath of the world cup. >> what over going to do? we have another four years.
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take a look at a cartoon which sums up the situation. people working at the office with soccer balls in their eye s. papers are saying we are experiencing a world cup hangover, especially brazil. the country is turning back to reality. people are wondering, wasn't all worth it? the olympic games in rio. "the new york times" looks at the clean up after the world cup. fifa, the organizing body of the world cup. a permanent stench seems to hang over fifa. allegations of bribery and embezzlement. they say it is time to clean up soccer. the next world cup will be in four year in russia.
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they take a look. this world cup is built to be the most expensive world cup ever. it could reach 15 billion euros in cost. we have a women's world cup as well in canada. >> 47 months to go. thanks for that with the grab of the international and local papers. time now for sports news and we begin with the tour de france. >> stage 10 of the tour de france was a big line for vincenzo nibali. he reclaim the overall lead and the yellow jersey. two-time winner crashed heavily after his bike frame snapped. frenchmen thibaut pinot was second. >> for sure that is a beautiful
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victory. great work for the team, too. but i'm disappointed for a bird so -- alberto. i was just two places behind him. i do not know how that happened. i was behind him at a safe difference, two or three meters. the road was not perfect. i followed him and when alberto fell, i was afraid. talk of the finish for me, as well. another cyclist crashed. to an half minutes behind vincenzo nibali.
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valverde has kept himself in contention. date in therst big mountains on monday, they get to rest their aching joints and muscles on tuesday. they will be back in the saddle on wednesday toward the outs. the swissbe tracing border. a chance for vincenzo nibali two consolidate the overall lead. >> it will be a stage that will be similar to today. and a lot of riders and lower contenders. it will be up to him to control the race, or other teams. >> go for it and let somebody else battle out and control the race for their chance. >> the world cup winners from
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germany have flown home to what is expected to be a heroes welcome. their marking their fourth world cup title.
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>> for many peoples, civilizations, and faiths, nature, or the natural world, has been an important access point to the sacred. and as we experience the wondrous spectrum of life forms that surround us here on earth, perhaps the most urgent question of the 21st century is, how do we balance the biological needs of other species with our seemingly unending needs as humans? since all life on earth shares the same home, we find ourselves


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